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It's called Art
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It's said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and while i partially agree with that, as a technical Artist I have to say that there are so many facets to creating a piece of art. Facets that people, not knowing the way in which a piece of digital art was created, will not be able to apprechiate. So all that really is in the eyes of the beholder, is the final products.
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Get yer Code
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Everyone works a little different and to perfectly match your tools to your workflow you sometimes have to rewrite them. Here you'll find some script snippets for 3Ds Max that are gonna help you along.
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Manage, Organize, Automate

Of course due to the nature of digital content creation you have to organize your data in many ways, especially for realtime data visualisation. You have to keep track of your data, organize it, back it up or simply get quick access to it. Here are the tools that will let you do that.
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About Me

I developed an early fascination for digital content creation and video games, and began to create my own worlds at a very young age. Throughout my career, I have always tried to participate in innovative projects using my passion for R&D and my delight in challenge. From adventure games to first person shooters, from high definition modeling to designing tools, I have a thorough knowledge of what making a game involves.

Why Me


Simply because i have experience in a multitude of areas concerning the creation, manipulation, organization and management of digital content both from an Artist's and an Engineer's point of view.


While i can say that i learn something new every week i must also itterate that my experience, drive and often unconventional thinking result in great products which, in the later years, have weighed more on the engineering side.

All-in-one Guy

My name is Raphael Marius Steves I'm a CGI Artist, Webdesigner and occasional Technical Director, currently living in Germany, and am talented with 3D Studio Max, Mudbox, WorldMachine, Terragen, CE-Sandbox, Photoshop, Flash.. ect. I have basic rigging and animating knowledge and have a lot of experience working with the current generation of techniques used for games and other realtime-interactive data-visualisations. My biggest strengths lie in writing tools/plugins for 3D-Studio-Max, developing Windows Applications, Inorganic Hardsurface-modeling, Terraforming and Environment Design. I'm currently focused on Desktop development and inorganic modeling, and look to widen my skills in that area.